Itinerary: Cusco city tour


It is situated in the heart of Cusco and was one of the most important temples built by the Incas. Its construction took place during the governmental period of Pachakutek and it was the house of the bishop who taught the worship of the Sun. According to the Inca cosmology, the sun was situated in the middle of the world. Therefore in Qorikancha, the chosen women were sacrificed to their main God. 


It's located 2 kms north of Cusco. During the Inca times the city of Cusco had the shape of a Puma and its head was the site of Saqsayhuaman. Although this was destroyed by the Spanish, still nowadays we can see fabulous cyclopean walls. Some of them of 5 meters height and weigh more than 350 tons. They were conducted with the help of a thousand of workers leaded by Pachakutek.


It's situated 3 kms from Cusco. The word Qenqo means maze. It was a worship place where we can observe a huge rock with several cuttings. One of the most important was the zigzag, according to the name, in which passed chicha or blood. Those stones represented a cougar who woke up with winter solstice. Underneath the rocks there are subterranean corridors, that is a mysterious tour that you do by Quechuas Perú Company.


Following the schedule this site is located at 7 kms of Cusco. Pukapukara means "Red Fortress". This site was an administrative and military center, where we can find some aqueducts, short terraces, passages, turrets, and niches.


8 kms from the city of Cusco. Well known as the Inca's bath. This Inca site was considered a place of the cult to the water.



  • Transfer from hotel
  • Spanish      and English speaking professional guide
  • Tour bus.


  • Tourist      ticket valid for the entrance to many museums and Inka sites.
  • No meals included.

* optional: visit to the Cathedral (extra fee needed)

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