Day 01: Monkey Island (Isla de los Monos)

Arrival in Puerto Maldonado, followed by transfer to the river dock where we board our boat and set forth upon an unforgettable journey down the Madre de Dios River. Along the way can be observed the alligators (caimanes), turtles(charapas) and other fauna, as well as  herons and varieties of bird species. Upon arrival at the EcoAmazonía Lodge, and enjoying an exquisite –and typical- welcome drink, you will settle in our comfortable bungalows. Lunch ensues shortly. Afterwards, in the company and assistance of our specialized guide, we visit Monkey Island (“Isla de los Monos”). Located only five minutes from the Lodge, in the middle of the Madre de Dios river, the Monkey Island hosts an ample variety of species of monkeys: These range from the noisy ones such as the Maquisapa (Spider Monkey), the happy Achuñi (Nasua nasua d.), the very impressive Fraile (Squirrel Monkey) to the very little and funny Leoncito, “little lions” (Tití –Cebuella pygmaea). The trip to the island affords very beautiful sightseeing of the local landscape as well as the flora and fauna that they host. And to top it all off, there is that  breathtaking and sublime jungle sunset … 

Day 02 : “Cocha Perdida” (Lost Lake)

After breakfast we set forth on an adventure thought the virgin jungle, led by our professional local guide: today’s hike will take us to the “Cocha Perdida” (Lost Cocha). This site effectively constitutes a unique protected Ecosystem, Refuge and Feeding ground for a great diversity of jungle fauna including Nutria, Otter (Lutra incarum), Cayman (New World Crocodile), Turtles (Charapa), Sachavaca (Amazonian Tapir) the majestic Jaguar, or Otorongo (Panthera onça).As well as many birds of striking plumage as well as an ample variety of species of fish. This area is unique and distinctively particular to the EcoAmazonía Reserve, by virtue of having remained altogether unaltered, and conveniently surrounded by large swamps and wetlands. One of the highlights of today’s tour is certainly the ascent to the “Mirador” (the “Amazonian Overlook”) built atop the greatest of treetops in the Amazonian forest, the revered “Shihuahuaco” (Diptrax alata, a relative of the Mimosa and Copaiba family) from where a grand view of the great and magical forest can be admired. This is complemented by a pleasant canoe tour around the lake, after which we return to the Lodge and a well earned lunch. In the course of the afternoon, optional family visit to local family, to the botanical gardens and eco-swimming pool are available to guests and are free of any additional charge.. Return to Lodge and a delicious dinner

"Tambopata Ecological Reserve"

EcoAmazonía Lodge Rain Forest and Cloud Forest After breakfast, at a previously indicated time, we set off on yet another excursion through the magic jungle. First we navigate along the Madre de Díos River until reaching the trailhead where our hike to the GAMITANA / BRIOLO Rivers begins. Both of these rivers originate in the heart of the virgin jungle and their numerous meanders and large winding channels form large navigable waterways. We return aboard canoe, closely observing along the way, fauna such as, turtles, caimans, butterflies and a great variety of insects, eventually arriving at the Lodge will , where we have dinner and spend the night. 

Day 04:

Breakfast and transfer to the airport. 

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