Itinerary: Maras Moray Salineras



Is a district of the Urubamba province, west of Qosqo and possible to be reached through a paved road from kilometer 50 on the road Qosqo - Chinchero - Urubamba. From a plain, which in prehistoric times was a huge plateau, it is possible to observe the mountain range of Urubamba including the snow capped mountains of Weqey Willka (today "La Veronica",18641 ft.) and " Chikon" (18143 ft.).


About 4.3 miles southwest from Maras is Moray, a very unique archaeological site in the region. It is possible to reach by car on the road departing from Maras Town. There are enormous depressions or hollows in the ground surface made by the Inkas, used as agricultural experimentation center. What is surprising is the difference of average annual temperature between the top and the bottom.

In the northwestern direction of the Maras village are the famous "Salt Mines".
These "salt mines" are constituted by about 3000 small pools with an average area of 53.8 ft², constructed in a slope of the "Qaqawiñay" mountain. People fill up or "irrigate" the pools with salty water emanating from a natural spring located on the top of the complex.



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